What’s in YOUR water?  Did you know that private water supplies like wells and springs are unregulated? It is the responsibility of the homeowner to regularly test water quality, maintain the water system, and address any problems.  Affordable, confidential water testing and education will be offered through Virginia Cooperative Extension offices in Hanover County.  Participation is voluntary and confidential.  Water samples collected by participating homeowners will be analyzed for 14 parameters, including bacteria, metals, nitrate and hardness at a cost of $60.  Results and water system care and maintenance information will be shared virtually. All information is kept strictly confidential and results are reported only to the homeowner.

The Hanover Well Water clinic for 2022 has passed. Results will be emailed/mailed in July. 

If you miss the Hanover Clinic there may be another clinic that you can join through VA Tech.  Please visit the resources below for more informaiton.